All candidates are required to file a financial statement and auditor's report with the Municipal Clerk reflecting the candidate's election campaign finances. An auditor’s report is not required if the total contributions received and total expenses incurred in the election campaign were equal to or less than $10,000. All financial statements and supplementary financial statements filed with the Municipal Clerk are posted below for public viewing.



Charles Mercier

Tom Rowett

Regional Councillor:

Bobbie Drew

Councillor - Ward 1:

Betty Somerville

Tony Janssen

Scott Burke

Councillor - Ward 2:

 John Hancock

Janna Guido

Councillor - Ward 3:

Bill McKee

Don Kett

Councillor - Ward 4:

Wilma Wotten

Councillor - Ward 5:

 Jennifer Back

Howard Danson

Trustee, Durham District School Board:

Carolyn Morton


Financial Reports for the office of Regional Chair will be available on the Region of Durham website.


Financial Reports for the office of Trustee, Durham Catholic District School Board will be available on the Township of Uxbridge website.


Financial Reports for the offices of Conseiller(ere), Conseil scolaire Viamonde and Conseiller (ere), Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud will be available on the City of Oshawa website.