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What is Site Plan Approval?

The Planning Act authorizes the use of Site Plan Control as a type of development control. A person applying for Site Plan approval provides to the Township grading, site, landscape plans and building elevations. The purpose in reviewing such details is to coordinate the following site design features:
  • Overall site design
  • The impact of the proposal on surrounding land uses
  • Siting of buildings
  • Grading
  • Parking lot layout and vehicular access
  • Pedestrian access and walkways
  • Barrier-free design
  • Building design
  • Landscaping
Site Plan approval ensures the implementation of Township requirements with respect to road widenings, parking, drainage, landscaping, etc. It also helps to improve the quality and appearance of development, consistent with the general objectives of the Official Plan.

When Does It Apply?

The Township of Scugog has enacted a Site Plan Control By-Law, which defines the areas subject to Site Plan approval. Generally, commercial and industrial areas are under Site Plan control as well as specific residential areas as defined in the Site Plan Control By-Law. Single family and/or two family dwellings are not affected unless specifically designated for a specific reason.

The Site Plan Approval Process

Application is made to the Township Planning Department. Usually, the applicant will provide a suitable number of copies of an up-to-date survey as well as site, grading, elevations, and landscape plans stamped by a relevant professional.

The package of plans is circulated to all relevant agencies and the Township's consulting planners and engineers, where necessary. At this time, the applicant is encouraged to make a presentation to Council to generally describe the concept and discuss specific issues/concerns.

Staff and the applicant review the proposal and any comments as a result of the circulation. Once all concerns are satisfied and the proposal is in a form for consideration by Council, Township Staff prepares a report recommending approval of the application and, if required, a draft Site Plan Agreement. The applicant is notified of the date and time when Council deals with the matter. Council may approve the application and attach any relevant conditions it feels are warranted.

The Planning Act specifically does not require any form of Public Notice as part of the Site Plan Approval Process. Essentially, the process is between the applicant and Council through its administration. The only appeal mechanism available is to the applicant based on an objection to Council's decision or to a condition(s) imposed by Council. This must be done by a written notice to the Secretary of the OMB, and to the Township Clerk. The OMB's decision is final.