Municipal Office


The Township of Scugog has an Open Air Burning by-Law regulating burning with the municipality.

Burning is divided into two categories: open air burning and recreational burning. Burn permits are required for any burning within the municipality with the exception of burning within a barrel. (Note: Barrel burns must meet the set back requirements for open air burning. Please see these requirements below.) Burn permits are obtained at the Fire Department administrative offices located at 30 Crandell Street, Port Perry. Permits are issued during business hours (Monday to Friday 8:30 to 4:30). Permits cost $25.00 and expire December 31st of the year in which they were issued. Permits are issued to property owners only. If a tenant or worker or family member other than the property owner wishes to obtain a burn permit, he/she must bring written authorization from the property owner.

Open Air Burns

Open air burning is permitted during daylight hours only and is intended for the purpose of burning brush or wood. Burns are restricted to 1 m3 (3 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet). The burn site must be a minimum of 15 m (50 feet) from any structures, overhead wires and roadways and have a minimum radius of 7.5 m (25 feet) clear of all flammable vegetation. A means of extinguishment must be on site. The burn must be attended by a competent adult at all times.

Open air burn permits are active on the department's files for a thirty day period. Permits are activated by calling the Fire Department Administrative Office at 905-985-2384 during business hours (Monday to Friday 8:30 to 4:30). There is no limit to the number of times a permit may be activated throughout the year.

Recreational Burns

Recreational burning refers to small campfire-style burning of wood for recreational purposes. The base size of a recreational burn may not exceed 0.5 m x 0.5 m (20" x 20"). Recreational burning may take place during the day or night. Recreational burn permits do not require activation. The burn must be located a minimum of 5 m (16.5 feet) from any structure and 15 m (50 feet) from any overhead wire or roadway. There must be a minimum radius of 5 metres (16.5 feet) clear of all flammable vegetation.

Complaints & Non-Compliance

All guidelines for burning are outlined on the back of your burn permit and must be complied with. In the event that someone complains about your burning, the Fire Department will respond. If you are not found to be in compliance with these guidelines, you will be sent an invoice for fees for service. This includes the cost of the trucks which responded to your burn as well as personnel costs. The municipality also has the right to charge you under the by-law and to revoke your burn permit, if deemed necessary.

Please remember that having a burn permit does not give you the licence to annoy your neighbours. Your neighbours have the right to complain if smoke from your burn is a nuisance for them. Be a courteous neighbour - make sure that smoke from your burn is not drifting on to others' property!

Prohibitions & Bans

Burning is prohibited within Port Perry and Prince Albert. An exception may be made to allow open air burning only. This requires an inspection by a fire department representative and the issuance of a special permission form.

In the event of extremely dry weather or poor air quality, the Fire Department will issue a burn ban. Notice of a burn ban will be made on this website and via local media. The notice will indicate whether it is all types of burning which are prohibited or not. Please comply with burn bans - they are imposed for your safety!