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Adoption of New Official Plan

On June 22, 2009, the Council of the Township of Scugog passed By-Law No. 70-09 to adopt a new Official Plan for the municipality.

Overview of the 2009 Official Plan

The 2009 Official Plan provides an up-to-date policy framework for guiding growth and development within the municipality, while taking into consideration important social, economic and environmental matters through a sustainability planning approach. The key features of this approach include:

• A strengthening of the Township’s existing ecosystem approach to environmental and natural heritage planning, consistent with the overarching policy direction set out in Provincial and Regional documents;
• A stronger focus on sustainability in all facets of community development;
• Reinforcement of the Township’s rural character and agrarian basis, and desire to preserve the natural, social and economic benefits afforded by Lake Scugog;
• The fostering of vibrant residential neighbourhoods that provide a variety of housing options for people at various stages of their life cycles;
• A commercial and employment land use strategy that promotes economic stability, vitality and diversity and caters to the changing needs of the market and the residents of the Township;
• The preservation and enhancement of the Township’s rich cultural heritage that is integral to its unique urban design and community revitalization strategies including the Downtown Development Strategy; and,
• A Growth Management Program that ensures growth takes place in a coordinated and fiscally responsible manner.

Availability of the New Official Plan

The new Official Plan is available below for downloading, and in paper form at the Municipal Office for review. The new plan can also be purchased in print format for a fee of $70 (plus taxes), as set out in the Township’s Fees and Charges By-Law No. 124-04.


2009 Township of Scugog Official Plan (As adopted by Council on June 22, 2009)

Approved by the Ontario Municipal Board
and Consolidated on August 1, 2011 Save and Except for Deferrals Noted on Page i:
By-Law No. 70-09
Official Plan Text
Schedule A
Schedule A1
Schedule B
Schedule B1
Schedule C
Schedule C1
Schedule D
Schedule E
Schedule F
Schedule G
Hamlet Boundries 1 & 2
Hamlet Boundries 3 & 4
Hamlet Boundries 5 & 6
Hamlet Boundries 7 & 8
Hamlet Boundries 9