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In   January, 2015, the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Scugog will   be appointing members of the public to fill vacancies on local boards and   committees.  Each board and committee   has a specific mandate and generally meets monthly or on an as required basis.  Membership appointments are for a four year   term. 


In   order to qualify you must be an eligible voter in the Township of Scugog (18   years of age and a Canadian Citizen).    Youth members are encouraged to participate on all advisory committees   as non-voting members.    


All   applicants must complete the relevant form available at the Clerk’s Department,   Township of Scugog, 181 Perry St., Port Perry or on the website at  Deadline for receipt of completed   application forms is December 23, 2014.



Committee   Description


Accessibility   Advisory Committee

  •   provides advice   on the identification, removal and prevention of barriers to people with   disabilities
  •   assists with   the preparation of the Accessibility Plan, reviews site plans and promotes   accessibility through publications.

11 members


Blackstock Recreation Advisory Committee

  •   identify and   respond to issues that may affect the operation of the Complex and the Old   Town Hall
  •   provide advice   on the operations, and promote the activities and programs offered by the   Complex and Old Town Hall.

8 members


Durham Trails

  •   ad hoc committee   of Regional Council with the goal to expand, enhance and promote a public   regional trail system connecting Durham’s municipalities that supports active   and healthy community lifestyles

1 member

Economic Development Advisory Committee

  •   advise on matters   relating to the attraction and retention of business in Scugog
  •   assist in   fostering and promoting a positive community image, a viable community core,   a strong tourism base and a healthy agricultural, manufacturing and business   environment.

9 members

Grants Advisory

  •   research   external grants available from other levels of government and organizations
  •   communicate   grant availability and information to the community
  •   allocate   community grants provided by the Township of Scugog in accordance with the   Community Grant Policy

4 members

Heritage   & Museum Advisory Committee

  •   promotes the   preservation of buildings that have architectural and historical and cultural   significance
  •   identify and   respond to issues that may affect the operation of the Museum and Archives and   promote the activities and programs offered

9 members


Public Art   Advisory Committee

  •   advise on all   aspects of the Public Art Policy, planning, education and promotion as well   as the acceptance of new donations and projects

6 members

Scugog   Memorial Public Library Board

  •   establishes   policies that govern the operations of the library and is responsible for the   library’s financial stability

* Please complete specific   application form for Library Board appointments

8 members

(including one voting youth member)

Scugog   Seniors Advisory Committee

  •   advocate for   seniors interests related to health, recreation, transportation, housing and   service needs
  •   provide a forum   for discussing and resolving issues affecting seniors

13 members

Scugog   Sports Hall of Fame Committee

  •   final   determining body for the selection of inductees into the Scugog Hall of Fame
  •   administer all   matters related to the Hall of Fame such as operations, maintenance and   finances

9 members


Waterfront   Advisory – Phase 2

  •   provide advice   to Council on the redevelopment of the Old Mill building and the surrounding   waterfront lands, including the Latcham Centre and marina

4 members

Youth   Advisory

  •   provide advice   to Council on matters that impact youth in the Township of Scugog
  •   promote youth   activities and liaison with other youth organizations

TBD upon applications received

Environmental Advisory

  •   Review issues and applications of environmental concern   on behalf of Council and make recommendations to Council  
  •   Act as a liaison between residents and project   proponents as directed by Council   



Housing   Advisory

  •   Assist Council in the development of a housing strategy   for the Township of Scugog with a focus on affordable housing
  •   Housing   strategy is to build upon the Township of Scugog Official Plan and “At Home   in Durham”, the Durham Housing Plan 2014-2024





Committee   Description


Committee of Adjustment/Property Standards/Animal   Services

  • This Committee   is responsible for reviewing applications for minor variances from the   provisions of the Township of Scugog Zoning By-law as well as makes decisions   on any appeals to orders issued by the Municipal Law Enforcement Officers   regarding the Property Standards By-Law or Animal Control By-law.

3 members

1 alternate

Durham Region Land Division   Committee

  • This Regional   Committee considers applications for severing land together with long term   leases.

1 member


Further   information related to these appointments may be obtained by calling the   Clerk’s Department at (905) 985-7346.


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