Municipal Office



Committee   Description


Accessibility   Advisory Committee

  • provides advice   on the identification, removal and prevention of barriers to people with   disabilities
  • assists with   the preparation of the Accessibility Plan, reviews site plans and promotes   accessibility through publications.

11 members


Blackstock Recreation Advisory Committee

  • identify and   respond to issues that may affect the operation of the Complex and the Old   Town Hall
  • provide advice   on the operations, and promote the activities and programs offered by the   Complex and Old Town Hall.

8 members


Durham Trails

  • ad hoc committee   of Regional Council with the goal to expand, enhance and promote a public   regional trail system connecting Durham’s municipalities that supports active   and healthy community lifestyles

1 member

Economic Development Advisory Committee

  • advise on matters   relating to the attraction and retention of business in Scugog
  • assist in   fostering and promoting a positive community image, a viable community core,   a strong tourism base and a healthy agricultural, manufacturing and business   environment.

9 members

Grants Advisory

  • research   external grants available from other levels of government and organizations
  • communicate   grant availability and information to the community
  • allocate   community grants provided by the Township of Scugog in accordance with the   Community Grant Policy

4 members

Heritage   & Museum Advisory Committee

  • promotes the   preservation of buildings that have architectural and historical and cultural   significance
  • identify and   respond to issues that may affect the operation of the Museum and Archives and   promote the activities and programs offered

9 members


Public Art   Advisory Committee

  • advise on all   aspects of the Public Art Policy, planning, education and promotion as well   as the acceptance of new donations and projects

6 members

Scugog   Memorial Public Library Board

  • establishes   policies that govern the operations of the library and is responsible for the   library’s financial stability

* Please complete specific   application form for Library Board appointments

8 members

(including one voting youth member)

Scugog   Seniors Advisory Committee

  • advocate for   seniors interests related to health, recreation, transportation, housing and   service needs
  • provide a forum   for discussing and resolving issues affecting seniors

13 members

Scugog   Sports Hall of Fame Committee

  •  final   determining body for the selection of inductees into the Scugog Hall of Fame
  •  administer all   matters related to the Hall of Fame such as operations, maintenance and   finances

9 members


Waterfront   Advisory – Phase 2

  • provide advice   to Council on the redevelopment of the Old Mill building and the surrounding   waterfront lands, including the Latcham Centre and marina

4 members

Youth   Advisory

  • provide advice   to Council on matters that impact youth in the Township of Scugog
  • promote youth   activities and liaison with other youth organizations

TBD upon applications received



Committee   Description


Committee of Adjustment/Property Standards/Animal   Services

  • This Committee   is responsible for reviewing applications for minor variances from the   provisions of the Township of Scugog Zoning By-law as well as makes decisions   on any appeals to orders issued by the Municipal Law Enforcement Officers   regarding the Property Standards By-Law or Animal Control By-law.

3 members

1 alternate

Durham Region Land Division   Committee

  • This Regional   Committee considers applications for severing land together with long term   leases.

1 member


Further   information related to these appointments may be obtained by calling the   Clerk’s Department at (905) 985-7346.


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