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The Council of the Township of Scugog relies on Advisory Boards and Committees to provide recommendations on pertinent issues and draws on the expertise of citizen volunteer members.

Vacancies on Advisory Boards & Committees are advertised in the Township Bulletin Board page in the local newspapers. To be eligible, you must be 18 years of age or older; reside in the municipality, or be an owner, tenant of land (or spouse of same); you must be permitted to vote and you must be a Canadian citizen.

The following Advisory Boards and Committees have citizen appointments:

Blackstock Recreation Advisory Committee

  • This Committee will identify and respond to issues that may affect the operation of the Complex and the Old Town Hall, will provide advice on the operations, promote the activities and programs offered by the Complex and Old Cartwright Town Hall.

 Committee of Adjustment/Property Standards

  • This Committee is responsible for reviewing applications for minor variances from the provisions of the Township of Scugog Zoning By-Law as well as makes decisions on any appeals to orders issued by the Municipal Law Enforcement Officers regarding the Property Standards By-Law.

 Durham Region Land Division Committee

  • This Regional Committee considers applications for severing land together with long term leases.


  • Fenceviewers are on call as required to arbitrate line fence fence disputes under the Line Fences Act.

 Scugog Memorial Public Library Board

  • This Board establishes policies that govern the operations of the library and is responsible for the library's financial stability.

 Scugog Heritage & Museum Advisory Committee

  • This Committee will advise of heritage considerations, including the protection of our heritage, are considered in all local decision-making.  Recommendations are made on improvement and care to museums, archives, historic cemeteries, archaeological sites, historic sites, natural heritage, built heritage and heritage districts through planing, protection, design, restoration, or conservation, and provide leadership and advocacy on heritage issues of importance to our community.

 Scugog Accessibility Advisory Committee

  • This Committee provides advice on the identification, removal and prevention of barriers to people with disabilities with respect to the municipality's by-laws, programs and services. The Committee also assist with the preparation of the annual Accessibility Plan, reviews site plans and promotes accessibility through publications.

  Sports Hall of Fame Committee

  • This Committee will be the final determining body for the selection of inductees into the Scugog Hall of Fame and shall administer all matters including the operation, maintenance and finances.

Scugog Seniors Advisory Committee

  • This Committee was formed to assist in enriching the lives of our seniors by identifying issues to Council and advocating for seniors interests as well as providing a forum for discussing and resolving issues affecting seniors.

Economic Development Advisory Committee

  • This Committee will, among other things, make recommendations to Council on matters relating to the attraction and retention of business in Scugog. 


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