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Please note that Council documents are provided electronically for information purposes only and may not retain the exact structure of the original versions in that charts and tables may be difficult to read. Therefore, information should be verified prior to acting on it. All By-Laws are available for review in the office of the Clerk and reference should be made to the original by-law. Every effort is made to ensure the by-laws on this web site are accurate and contain the latest amendments however, the Township of Scugog cannot guarantee the accuracy of information provided here.

By-Law Number
Adequate Heat By-Law 02-06
Animal Control By-Law 85-08
Building By-Law 25-15
Business Licence By-Law 135-05
  - Refreshment Vehicle Licensing By-law 48-14
  - Hawkers and Peddlars By-law 19-15
Development Charges By-Law 43-14
Discharge Firearms By-Law 44-06
Encroachment By-Law 49-08
Fence By-Law 119-05
Fees & Charges By-Law 75-15
Fortification By-Law 102-05
Kennel By-Law 86-08
Noise By-Law 83-13
Notice By-Law and Policy 140-07
Open Air Burning By-Law 46-06
Parks By-Law 48-05
Planning Fees By-Law 24-15
Procedure By-Law 77-15
Procurement By-Law 122-07
Prohibited Pets By-Law 13-15
Property Standards By-Law 16-15
Public Nuisance By-Law 103-05
Refuse By-Law 47-03
Replica Firearms By-Law 02-06
Road Occupancy By-Law 36-05
Site Alteration By-Law 62-15
Snow Removal By-Law 106-05
Sign By-Law 40-15
Skateboard By-Law 70-05
Snowmobile By-Law 28-04
Swimming Pool By-Law 56-07
Traffic By-Law 124-05
Yard and Waste By-Law 15-04