From the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer

Economic development for the Township of Scugog is coordinated through the office of the Chief Administrative Officer and is supported by the Scugog Economic Development Advisory Committee. The Scugog Economic Development Advisory Committee meets quarterly and includes individuals representing all sectors of the local economy. This committee is responsible for identifying and implementing programs and initiatives that help stimulate and grow the local economy.

The Township of Scugog Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) continues to work hard and there are several exciting economic development initiatives underway.  All of these support the Township in being “Open for Business”.

Business Retention & Expansion (BR&E) Project

In partnership with the Region of Durham, the Township conducted a Business Retention & Expansion (BR&E) project.  This community driven initiative assists with promoting jobs and business growth within the Township of Scugog. Over 114 local business owners and 29 volunteer interviewers participated in the project.

A summary of results and proposed action plan were presented to Council at the December 2, 2013 meeting. The proposed action plan includes five key areas; 1) Build relationships between government and business to be open for business, 2) Support business development and expansion to inspire entrepreneurship, 3) Invest in culture and heritage to celebrate our identity and foster business development, 4) Grow a talented workforce to create a vibrant future of business opportunities, 5) Continually improve infrastructure to serve the needs of businesses, residents and tourists.

The next steps in the BR+E project are to work through the action plan with business owners, organizations and government to keep building a vibrant local economy. The Durham Federation of Agriculture, Scugog Chamber of Commerce and Port Perry BIA are also partners in the project.

The report to Council, presentation and the final BR+E report are available.  To view click the links below:

Vibrant North Durham:  An Economic Development Plan 2013-2018

In addition, the Economic Development Advisory Committee also provided advice to the Township as it worked with the Townships of Brock and Uxbridge to develop an economic development plan for North Durham.  Vibrant North Durham is a five year plan to implement economic development thinking, processes and projects in North Durham.  The Plan was adopted by Uxbridge, Scugog and Brock Township Councils in June 2013.  The Scugog Action Plan identifies projects to help get Scugog open for business, inspiring and supporting entrepreneurship, creating a vibrant future for young adults and building a stronger rural and small town identity.

Appendix 1: Consultation

Appendix 2: Economic Analysis

Scugog BR+E Report Presentation

Scugog BR+E Final Report

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Rebecca Mustard Ec.D. Economic Development Coordinator
Economic Development & Tourism
Regional Municipality of Durham
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