Municipal Office


Welcome to the Community Services Department at the Township of Scugog!  The Community Services Department provides services in five core areas: Planning, Building, Facilities, Heritage & Culture and Recreation.


The Planning Program's endeavour is to provide land use and development planning services in a professional, efficient and responsive manner.  The Planning Program is responsible for:

  • Formulating and interpreting the Township Official Plan and Zoning By-law;
  • Reviewing and commenting on all Planning Act and Condominium Act applications – Durham Region and Township Official Plans, zoning, subdivision, condominium, site plan, minor variance, consent (severance) and part-lot control;
  • Administering the Planning Act application process for Township Official Plan and Zoning By-Law amendments, site plans and minor variances; and
  • Undertaking/coordinating land use, urban design, community improvement, environmental, heritage and infrastructure planning research, studies and projects;
  • Developing planning guidelines, policies and standards; and
  • Reviewing and commenting on Federal, Provincial and Regional policy, legislation and guidelines.


It is the goal of the Building Program to provide building administration services in a professional, efficient and responsive manner.  The Building Program is responsible for:

  • Examining building construction plans;
  • Issuing building, sign and heritage permits
  • Carrying out building and plumbing inspections;
  • Providing information to applicants; and
  • Maintaining and monitoring building statistics.



It is the responsibility of the Facilities Program to provide safe, well maintained municipal buildings and facilities for all users.  The Facilities Program is responsible for:

  • The operation, maintenance and sustainable preservation of all municipal buildings and facilities including, arenas, community halls, museums, and outdoor pool.

Heritage & Culture

The Heritage & Culture Program strives to preserve, research, interpret and exhibit items that will serve to illustrate and promote the history and prehistory of the municipality and the Lake Scugog area.  The Culture Program is responsible for:

  • Showcasing vibrant historical museums, places and stories that engage our community, preserve, protect and enhance our heritage, and educate our visitors; and
  • Providing each resident and visitor with a better understanding of Scugog and rural Ontario history, and our First Nation Heritage.


The duties of the Recreation Program is to provide opportunities for all community members to experience and achieve physical, emotional and social benefits through participation in leisure activities.  The Recreation Program is responsible for:

  • Supporting the provision of safe and sustainable leisure activities that promote opportunities for all community members to experience and achieve the physical, emotional, and social benefits of leisure; and
  • Contributing to community cohesiveness and pride through participation in leisure.


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