Municipal Office


General Information

  • Crossing guard services are provided by the Township of Scugog through the Township of Scugog's Municipal Law Enforcement Office
  • Nine (9) crossing guards are placed in strategic locations to serve our elementary schools
    • Two at Hwy 7A and Simcoe Street
    • One at Hwy 7A at the rear of RH Cornish PS
    • One at Queen St at the front of RH Cornish PS
    • One at King Street and Old Simcoe Road
    • One at Old Simcoe Road at the front of Prince Albert PS
    • One at Reach Street and Old Simco Road
    • One at Bay Street and Old Simcoe Road
    • One at Old Simcoe at the front of SA Cawker PS
  • Crossing guards work scheduled shifts, which are specifically coordinated with school bell times

How Parents Can Help

For liability and insurance purposes, crossing guards are only permitted to cross students during their scheduled shifts. As a parent, you should encourage your children to become familiar with the scheduled times when crossing guards are at the crossing to ensure they have a safe trip to and from school.

How Motorists Can Help

Motorist should exercise caution when approaching designated school crossings, and obey the posted speed limits.  The Highway Traffic Act requires all motorist to stop and obey a School Crossing Guard the same way they would a stop sign.  Please remember to stop well back of the designated crossing as there can be a fine attached for stopping to close to a cross walk.

How To Become a Crossing Guard

All Crossing Guard Job Vacancies will be posted on-line as they are available. However, anyone interested in serving as Crossing Guard for the Township of Scugog may deliver their information at any time to the Township of Scugog with attention Chris Goode, Municipal Law Enforcement Officer.