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Newly-constructed Homes

Owners of newly-constructed homes will receive a tax bill for the value of the vacant lot only, until the home is assessed. After it is assessed, you will receive a supplementary tax bill for taxes on the value of your home. This bill is retroactive to the date of occupancy. For more information, contact the tax department.

Supplementary Billing

The Assessment Act allows a municipality to issue a supplementary tax bill for several situations such as new building, new homes, alterations, improvements or class changes. Supplementary assessments can be added for the current year and/or two preceding years.

Purchasers of new homes are initially billed for land only upon closing. Once the building is assessed a supplementary bill is issued. The supplementary bill for the reassessment of the land value and assessment of the building portion will be from the date of closing which could represent a full year of taxes and retroactively for two years. These taxes will be payable in two installments only; therefore new owners are advised to plan in advance for the eventual payment of these taxes.

Address/Ownership Changes

The Townships responsibility is to forward the tax bill to the property owner and address on record as of the date the tax bills are issued. Penalty/interest charges will apply on late payments regardless of any change in ownership or address. If you no longer own the property for which the taxes are levied, please advise the Tax Department immediately, and return the tax notice to the Finance Department.

Failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse a taxpayer from responsibility for payment nor relieve the assessed owner of liability for penalty due to late payment. Please ensure the tax department has your correct mailing address.

Other Inquiries

For further information, please contact staff in the Finance Department. Please quote your roll number when making inquiries.

Ext 102 and 106