Green Meeting & Events

Opportunities to reduce waste and achieve other green objectives are now considered in the planning of all meetings and events held by the Township. Green initiatives include:

  • Printing double-sided and using electronic distribution. A variety of information is now placed on the website, such as presentations, reports, agendas, minutes, recreation program schedules, notices and other information to reduce paper usage.
  • Participating in teleconferences when possible and carpooling for meetings helps to reduce vehicle emissions and saves fuel.
  • Utilizing organic composting where possible (Municipal Office kitchens - organic food waste, washrooms - used paper towels).
  • Ensure recycling containers are available in all offices, at meetings and events.
  • A stock of dessert plates, forks and mugs are available for meetings and events at the Municipal Office eliminating the need for paper plates, plastic utensils and foam cups where possible.
  • Limit the use of individually wrapped products - have a carton of cream and a sugar bowl instead of individual creamers and sugar at meetings. As well, carafes are available to make coffee and hot water for teas instead of purchasing individual cups of coffee or tea.

Green Events Initiative/Sustainability Policy

Council has endorsed the new Green Events Initiative/Sustainability Policy for persons or groups who hold events on or within the Township of Scugog property.

Click here Green Event Initiative/Sustainability Policy to view the policy.