Heritage Plaques - Residential / Commercial

The Heritage Plaque Program was created to partner with citizens of the Township of Scugog and to share in their pride of ownership of a historic home or commercial building. If you are the proud owner of a historic home or commercial building in the Township of Scugog please consider applying for your Heritage Scugog Plaque today.


Heritage Plaques - Downtown Queen Street

The Scugog Heritage & Museum Advisory Committee is pleased to have promoted Port Perry's cultural heritage within the downtown core by fostering a new Heritage Plaque Program to inform visitors and locals about the history of the commercial buildings of Queen Street. 

Scugog heritage plaques

The first phase of the program was completed this July with the installation of 10 plaques that provide the historic details and a photograph of the building.  The Committee would like to continue the program in 2015 with the installation of a further 10 plaques and eventually include all of the downtown.