Municipal Office


Who We Are

Scugog Heritage/Museum is an Advisory Committee to the Council of the Township of Scugog. The Council appointed Committee is comprised of six volunteers, two Council Representative and two Staff Liaisons.

This Committee was formed to aid in the protection and preservation of Scugog’s heritage buildings and sites.

The Scugog Heritage & Museum Advisory Committee

  • Dan Stone
  • Guy Latreille
  • Peter Hvidsten
  • Jasmine Stein
  • John Hancock
  • Marina Brock
  • Brandon Guido
  • Councillor Jennifer Back
  • Councillor Don Kett
  • Craig Belfry, Manager Recreation & Culture
  • Shannon Kelly, Curator

Scugog Heritage/Museum meetings are open to the public and are held at the Municipal Office in Council Chambers on the third Tuesday of each month beginning at 7:00PM. Agendas and minutes are available online for your convenience.

Those with an interest or knowledge of planning, architecture, local history, heritage buildings or the like might consider applying to submit application for appointment to the Committee.


What We Do

The primary purpose of the Scugog Heritage/Museum Committee is to use the guidelines set out in the Ontario Heritage Act and the Township of Scugog Official Plan to: 

    • Act as a resource to residents interested in conserving structures of historic, architectural or cultural interest;
    • Act as a resource to staff by reviewing development applications and providing comments regarding compliance with the Urban Design Guidelines;
    • Establish criteria for the evaluation of properties of architectural, historic or cultural value or interest;
    • Assist in the development of a comprehensive and efficient museum and archival service that reflects the community's unique needs;
    • Promote and encourage the activities and programs of the museum and archives.


Heritage Strategic Plan

"Where Our Past Meets the Future"

To review the Township Heritage Strategic Plan, please refer to Township Heritage Strategic Plan