Municipal Office


Pre-Authorized Payment Plan
The Township of Scugog has two pre-authorized payment plans to choose from:

  • a twelve month payment plan which withdraws payments on the last business day of each month
  • a due date plan which withdraws payments on the regular installment due dates

Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Application

Telephone Banking
We accept payments made by telephone please contact your financial institution for more information.

Internet Banking
Visit the website of your banking institution and make payments on line.

Payment By Credit Card - via a Third Party Service Provider 
You may be able to pay your property taxes with your credit card using Plastiq, a third-party service provider that enables cardholders to make payments for prperty taxes with the credit card of your choice.  There is a 1.99% service fee payable to Plastq in order to use this service.  The two charges will appear on your credit card statement - the principal payment amount showing as a payment to the Township and the service fee amount showing as a payment to Plastiq. 

In order to make a payment visit the Plastiq website or click on the Pay Now button below. 


Personal Payments
Payments are welcome at the Township of Scugog offices at 181 Perry St, during regular business hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday). We accept payment by cash, cheque, money order or Interac. We do not accept credit cards.

Utilize our Drop Box
An after hours drop-off box is provided for your convenience at the Municipal Offices located at 181 Perry St, Port Perry, On. Please do not drop off any cash payments.

Post-dated cheques
Cheques dated for the due date of the instalments will be accepted and held until the due dates. If a receipt is required, please enclose the complete tax bill and stamped, self-addressed envelope.

When mailing a payment, please attach the payment stub and make your cheque payable to "Township of Scugog.". Please write your roll number on the front of your cheque. If you are mailing your payment, please allow sufficient time for the payment to reach our office on or before the due date in order to avoid penalty charges. Please note: Payment is deemed to be made on the date the cheque is received in the Finance Department, NOT on the date of mailing.