Take It Back! - Medications

While over-the-counter and prescription medications can help heal, if disposed of improperly they can damage the environment and/or human health.

Medications flushed down a sink or toilet can actually make their way into streams, rivers and the lake. Medications in septic systems can enter soil and groundwater. Medications thrown in the garbage end up in the landfill and can impact leachate, which ends up in wastewater treatment plants. Leachate is rainwater that has seeped through the landfill absorbing organic and chemical contaminates from the waste.

If you have unused or expired over-the-counter or prescription medication, take them back to your pharmacy. Most pharmacies will take back medications they have sold to you. Call your pharmacy to confirm details.

The following partners take back medications:
Durham Pharmacy: 462 Paxton Street - 905-985-8484
Shopper's Drug Mart: 268 Queen Street - 905-985-8886
Loblaws Rx (Vos): 1893 Scugog Street - 905-985-9772
Port Perry Pharmacy: 209 Queen Street - 905-985-2231

Program Conditions:
1. Products must be returned during business hours
2. Take It Back! Scugog is for residential customers only.
3. Quantities may be limited
4. The list includes retailers confirmed to date.