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Accessory structures include detached garages, tool sheds or any other detached structure used in conjunction with a principle use. Regulations concerning Accessory Buildings are described in the Township Zoning By-law and involve building size, lot coverage, location and use of the building.

Temporary Structures or "portable garages" often advertised by retailers are those consisting of a metal pole construction with a fabric type covering that are not permanently affixed to the ground.

Under the Ontario Building Code, this type of structure is considered a "tent" and a building permit is not required if:

- The size does not exceed 60m² (646 sq.ft.);
- It is not attached to a building;and,
- It is constructed more than 3m (10 ft.) from other structures.

Even though a building permit is not required under the above conditions, this type of structure must comply with the regulations described in the Township Zoning By-law relating to location, lot coverage and height.

In addition, the Township Property Standards By-Law requires that all structures, whether temporary or permanent, be maintained in a structurally sound condition and in good repair.