Municipal Office


How to Address Council
The Township of Scugog welcomes all visitors, residents and people having business with Council to our meetings. For those who have not attended at or spoken before a meeting of our Council, we would like to point out the following items:

There is a formal procedure and time for which the public can address Council or the General Purpose and Administration Committee. Council receives agendas on the Friday before they meet. This gives them an opportunity to review all the necessary documentation and to seek out additional information from Township staff. Formal requests to speak to Council can be made by contacting the Clerk’s Department at 905- 985-7346. Their office is located in the Municipal Office, 181 Perry St., Port Perry. Council requests that you provide some written information regarding the topic you wish to speak about which will be included in the agenda, please click here to access the delegation request form. If you have an issue of importance, but you don’t feel comfortable speaking in front of Council, you may address a letter to the Mayor & Members of Council to be included in the Council agenda for review and any action deemed appropriate.

If you have made arrangements to speak to Council, you will be heard during the Deputation portion of the meeting. The reason we have people speak at the beginning of the meeting is two-fold. First, Council needs to hear from the public and get your input before they make decisions and secondly, after your presentation you may leave if you like. Although we are happy to have people take an interest in the business of Council, we also understand that sometimes people have other issues to attend to.

How to Obtain More Information on Council Decisions
Since Council has normally had a number of days to review items and seek clarification, some issues may proceed quickly without lengthy debate. In many circumstances, Council will have had time to consider recommendations from senior staff and will ask that a recommendation be adopted. If you attended a meeting and feel that you would like additional information or clarification on an issue, please contact the Clerk’s office. They will be able to provide information that was in the agenda, or explain a decision that was made by Council.

Referring Matters to Senior Staff
At times Council may not make a decision at a meeting and may refer a matter to senior staff. When Council refers an item to staff, it means that they are looking for additional information from those that have some expertise in an area before they make a decision. Items referred to staff will come back to Council or Committee through a staff report.

Procedure for Planning Applications
If you wish to speak to Council on planning matters such as a rezoning, official plan amendment, land severance or minor variance notice you received in the mail or saw in the paper, you can attend the advertised meeting or write a letter expressing your thoughts. Before making a decision on any planning matter, Council will always ask if someone in attendance wishes to speak for or against the matter. This is your opportunity to tell Council your opinion or ask a question about the planning application. Council will normally ask you to come to the podium when speaking and state your name and address so we can note in the minutes that you were at the meeting. If you disagree with a planning decision made by Council, there are opportunities to object to our decision and you should contact the Clerk’s Department or the Planning and Public Works Department as soon after the meeting as possible for direction in that regard.

We hope this information helps you to better understand our procedures during meetings and enables you to get your point of view across to Council at the correct time. This will help Council make better decisions while taking into account all the different sides of an issue.