Scugog Farmland
The Township of Scugog boasts some of the finest and most scenic farmland in Southern Ontario. Over 400 farm businesses occupy more than 68,000 acres of land. Revenues directly attributed to agriculture bring in over $50 million per year, ranking agriculture as one of our most important industries.

Supporting the industry are agri-businesses ranging from feed supply stores, machinery and implement dealers, a grain handling and drying facility and dozens of specialty retailers catering to the farm community.

Scugog Agriculture
Field crops grown on farms in the Township include hay, corn, soybeans, canola and cereal grains, which are used to feed a variety of livestock as well as some for further processing. Dairy and beef continues to be the predominant livestocks with sheep, swine and exotics also popular along with poultry.

The geology of the area which features clay, loam, sand and gravel substrata make the Township of Scugog excellent for growing produce such as strawberries, raspberries and garden variety vegetables which are available direct from the farms as "pick your own" or "ready to buy" and at local grocers. The Oak Ridges Moraine provides the micro-climate required by commercial fruit growers to establish orchards, vineyards and an award winning winemaking facility in the Township of Scugog.

Scugog Agriculture
Tree farms and nurseries provide bedding plants for home gardens plus bushes and trees for landscaping purposes and residents annual Christmas trees.

Spring is a popular time when commercial sugarbush operators fire-up their giant evaporators to finish off golden tasty maple syrup and maple products for public consumption.

Agricultural fairs at Blackstock and Port Perry provide a window for local farmers to display livestock and produce from their farms to local, provincial and international visitors. Junior Farmer and 4-H organizations are very active in Scugog's rural communities, providing opportunities for personal and leadership development for our youth.