Municipal Office


General Information

Bid Opportunities may be advertised in the Township's Bulletin Board in the local newpapers and/or the Daily Commerical News at least two weeks prior to the specified closing date. Opportunities are also advertised on the Township of Scugog's web site.

Unless otherwise specified in the advertisement, Bid documents may be picked up from the Municipal Office, or may be mailed or sent by courier at the vendor's expense, upon request.

Submissions must be received at the Municipal Office, in accordance with the instructions specified in the Bid document. Submissions must be received prior to the closing date and time indicated.

Bids are typically read publicly and opened immediately after the closing time (usually 2:00 p.m.) in a meeting room within the Municipal Office. All interested bidders are invited to attend.

Web Site Documents

The Township of Scugog is committed to reducing costs, reducing paper use and faciliating faster communication by using electronic means to convey information. As such, most Bid documents, as well as related exhibits, appendices and issued addenda can be found on the Township of Scugog web site, located at Current Bid Opportunities web page

Please note any special messages regarding a particular Bid opportunity. This information is posted on the Township's web site as a convenience to the public and is not intended to replace the Township's process of formally soliciting Bids.

It is important that you register with the Township's Planning and Public Works Department after downloading documents from the web site. Failure to register may result in you not being notified of any addenda, which may result in rejection of your Bid as non-responsive. To register, please contact the Planning and Public Works Department at 905-985-7346 ext. 112.

Only bids or modifications of bids received in accordance with the requirements of the Bid document will be accepted. Facsimile or electronic Bids will not be considered.