Municipal Office


An evacuation order will happen only if authorities believe that it is necessary for your safety. Alternatively, in certain circumstances, you may be advised to shelter-in-place.

In the event an evacuation order is issued, you will be notified by the local media.

When ordered to evacuate...

  • Shut off water & electricity if requested to do so by authorities (do not shut off gas unless specifically requested - if you turn off the gas, it must be reconnected by the gas company which could take an extended length of time during an emergency)
  • Collect your survival kit & emergency plan
  • If time allows, contact your out-of-town emergency contact person to advise where you are going. Leave a note at home with the same information.
  • Lock your home.

Evacuation Centres

If you need shelter, the Scugog Community Centre (1655 Reach Street, Port Perry) has been designated as Evacuation Centres.

The local media will advise which centre has been opened.