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Joining the Volunteer Ranks

If you are physically fit, enjoy learning, work well with others and enjoy helping others, then you are a potential candidate for a volunteer firefighter position with the Township of Scugog Fire Department.

As a volunteer firefighter, you will face new and challenging situations unlike any other job. You will fight fires, perform rescues, administer first aid, deal with hazardous materials, protect property and possibly be instrumental in saving lives.


  1. live within 2 km of Station 1 (Port Perry) OR live within 5 km of Station 2 (Caesarea)
  2. Hold a valid Ontario Driver's Licence, a good driving record, and be prepared to produce a statement of your driving record
  3. Have a Grade 12 Diploma (or education equivalent)
  4. Understand and be able to communicate clearly in English (oral & written)
  5. Be in good health and be capable of handling intense sustained physical effort. You will be required to submit to physical fitness testing, medical testing and a swim test at York University as part of the application process.

Licence Requirements

Probationary firefighters will be required to obtain a "D" licence with a "Z or air brake endorsement" before achieving full firefighter status. Driver training will be provided by the Department with the cost of the licences paid for by the firefighter.

Upon successfully completing the application process, recruits are required to attend the training program established for them. This involves attending in-house sessions one evening per week and some weekends for approximately two to three months.

Current Recruitment Status

Port Perry: The Fire Department is not seeking applications at this point. 

Caesarea: The Fire Department is not seeking applications at this point.