Municipal Office


The program originated in the 1980’s to give the residents of Scugog an opportunity to become involved with the community. It has evolved into much more. We now are able to provide not only trees but benches which will be installed according to the existing landscape design or in a special area chosen by staff in consultation with the individual. Your donation pays for the cost of purchasing and planting as well as regular maintenance such as fertilizing water and pruning. To commemorate the gift, an attractive certificate will be sent to the party being honoured. In case of a memorial gift, the next of kin will receive the certificate. So plant a tree or purchase a park bench in honour of a family member, to celebrate the addition of a new member to your family, an anniversary, honour your club, organization, business or graduating class or plant a tree in memory of a departed loved one.

How it Works

You may choose a park bench or Staff will assist with the species of tree best suited for the location. The planting will take place at a time suitable for your chosen gift, either spring or fall. The location of the gift will be determined by the gift chosen, the landscape design and the special area chosen by staff in consultation with individual. Please click here to view the Application Form