The Township of Scugog Business Licensing By-Law Number 135-05 regulates the following businesses within the Township:

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Adult Entertainment :
Fees: $1,255.00

Fireworks Sales:
Fees: $180.00
Sales Provisions

Fees: $210.00
Special Event Application
Fees: $85.00

Refreshment Vehicles:
Fees: $210.00
Special Event Application
Fees: $85.00

Salvage/Second Hand:
Fees: up to $210.00

Taxi Owner/Broker:
Fees: up to $255.00/vehicle

Taxi Driver:
Fee $100.00

Clothing Donation Box:
Fee: $250.00

All business licence holders must comply with all pertinent provisions of the Business Licensing By-Law, in addition but not limited to the Zoning, Noise, Public Nuisance, and Sign By-Laws.

Failing to obtain a Licence or failing to comply with the provisions of the Licensing By-Law may result in charges being laid and fines of up to $5,000.00 and revocation of the licence.


All Kennels must be established and operated within the provisions  of the Zoning By-Law and Kennel By-Law.

Any person wishing to operate a Kennel within the Township of Scugog must first obtain a Kennel Licence in accordance with the Kennel By-Law.

In addition to the completion of the written application form, the applicant must submit the following:

  • site plan drawn to scale;
  • fee
    • Boarding and Breeding Kennels fees: $200.00
    • Private Kennel fees: $150.00
  • Boarding – shall mean a Kennel where a maximum of forty (40) dogs are boarded and shall include a Doggy Day Care and Doggy Spa.
  • Breeding – shall mean a Kennel for the generating of offspring resulting in a strain of related dogs similar in type and use
  • Private – shall mean a Kennel of not more than eight (8) dogs, all owned by the applicant.