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The Durham Region Land Division Committee deals with applications for the division of land of up to three lots. Anyone proposing such a severance of a property must complete an application for consent to sever which may be obtained from the Township or from the Durham Region Planning Department. The application requires the submission of considerable details, surveys and plans to specifically describe the proposal. Once the Land Division Committee receives the application, the applicant is required to post a notice of the application in specified and visible locations on the subject property. The particulars of the notice are provided by the Land Division Committee. The Land Division Committee staff circulates the application to all relevant agencies, including the Township Planning Department. The Township has an opportunity to review the application and provide a recommendation to Land Division to deny or approve the application, and may incorporate conditions to be included should the Land Division Committee approve of the request.

The Land Division Committee give formal notice of the application to all property owners within 60 metres (120 feet) of the subject site, specifying the date, time and location of the Land Division Committee Meeting when the application will be heard. The Planning Act is very specific, as in the case of rezonings and Official Plan amendments, as to when an application must be heard. Similarly, an appeal mechanism is available to the Committee's Decision to the OMB.