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What is a subdivision?

A Plan of Subdivision is a formal document through which a land owner can sever their property into a number of smaller parts, known as lots or blocks. These can be used for residential, industrial or commercial depending on what uses are permitted in the Zoning By-Law. An approved Plan of Subdivision is required in order for the lots and blocks to be sold or conveyed separately.

The Subdivision Process

Formal application is made to the Regional Planning Department. Before making a formal application, applicants are encouraged to arrange a pre-consultation meeting, which is intended to identify other approvals that may be required (e.g. Official Plan Amendment, rezoning). As well, some additional studies may be identified to support the application. Once all the required supporting materials and studies have been assembled, the applicant can submit an application for subdivision approval. After the circulation is completed, including to the Township Planning Department, Regional staff prepare a report for presentation at a public meeting of the Township's Planning Committee. At the public meeting, the proposed Plan of Subdivision, Official Plan Amendment and rezoning will be presented. Based on Planning staff's report, the public meeting and a recommendation Township Council, Regional Council will make a decision on the proposed Plan of Subdivision.

Draft Plan Approval

A recommendation that a subdivision be draft approved, usually contains a number of conditions to be met by the applicant prior to final approval and registration of the subdivision. Among the conditions is a requirement that the owner enter into a Subdivision Agreement with the Township of Scugog regarding, amongst other matters, construction of roads, sidewalks, stormwater management, lot grading, parkland dedication, etc. Applicants may be required to provide a letter of credit to ensure that all the conditions are fulfilled. The responsibility for fulfilling the conditions rests primarily with the applicant. Once all the conditions have been met, the respective agency/department informs the Regional Planning Department.

When all the conditions are met, final approval can be given. The subdivision plan can then be registered in the land titles/registry system. A registered Plan of Subdivision is a legal document that shows the exact boundaries and dimensions of the lots and the location, width and names of streets. Only when the plan is registered can the lots be sold. Between draft plan approval and final approval, the lots can be offered for sale.

The appeal mechanisms similar to a rezoning and Official Plan Amendment are available to the OMB, subject to filing the appropriate notice of appeal.