Municipal Office


Core Services

The Public Works and Parks Department provides services in two core areas:

  • Public Works: Township roads; sidewalks; culverts; bridges; storm sewers; drainage; stormwater management facilities; and public parking system
  • Parks: Township parks system

Mission Statement

To provide land use planning, building and public works services in a professional, efficient and responsive manner, serving the public interest and enhancing the quality of life in our community. Our services are directed to providing a healthy, safe, functional and attractive community based upon sound and well-maintained infrastructure, managed growth, and stewardship of our natural environment

Public Works Division

The Public Works Division is responsible for the engineering, construction and operation of the Township's roads and other municipal infrastructure, which includes:

  • Maintaining and rehabilitating road surfaces, shoulders, roadsides, sidewalks, drainage works, culverts and bridges
  • Providing roadway winter control operations (i.e. plowing, snow removal, sanding and salting)
  • Installing and maintaining pavement markings, traffic control and parking signs, and roadside pedestrian and vehicular protection
  • Determining and prioritizing improvement needs
  • Developing, implementing and monitoring infrastructure-related capital budgets, programs, policies and procedures
  • Managing the design, tender preparation and construction of approved capital projects
  • Developing and maintaining asset inventories and management systems
  • Establishing design and construction standards and policies
  • Conducting transportation engineering studies to determine necessary traffic and pedestrian control
  • Planning and operating the Township's on and off-street parking facilities
  • Administering the municipal consent process for the occupancy of road allowances by utility and telecommunications companies
  • Managing street lighting
  • Undertaking regular patrols and inspections
  • Managing the Department's fleet of vehicles and equipment
  • Co-ordinating the Department’s safety and driver/operator training programs

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Parks Division

The Parks Division is responsible for maintenance of Township parks, which includes:

  • Providing turf maintenance
  • Providing refuse collection in the parks
  • Providing playground inspections and maintenance
  • Providing sidewalk winter control operations (i.e. plowing, sanding and salting)

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