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Rebates for Charitable Organizations

Charitable organizations with a valid registration number located in commercial/industrial properties may be eligible for a 40% tax reduction. Qualifying charities must apply each year to the Township of Scugog for the rebate, prior to the last day of February of the following year.

Registered Charities Application Form

Vacant Commercial and Industrial Buildings

This rebate applies to vacancies within the commercial/industrial class only.

A maximum of two applications per year may be submitted. One application may be submitted for all vacancies that occurred on the property during the entire tax year or two applications may be submitted, one for the vacancies that occurred during the first six months of the year and a second application for vacancies that occurred during the last six months of the year.

Property taxes must be paid in full as billed. Tax rebates from successful applications will be processed separately.

Vacancy Rebate Application Form

Farm and Tax Deferral Program

The Township of Scugog includes a very active and important farming community and continues to implement programs to assist the farming community.

To support its agricultural residents the Mayor and members of Council have made available, a tax deferral program. Farmland taxation can be deferred until the final installment.

Any tax deferred does not include taxation on the farm residences. Residential taxation would continue to be collected over the regular four installments, February, April, June and September. The farmland tax deferral includes all portions of the property tax bill (municipal, regional and education taxes).

Written requests, from bona fide farmers, as defined by OMAFRA, for participation in this program must be received in the Finance department of the Township of Scugog no later than Feb 28 in order to be eligible for farmland tax deferral. All taxes must be current to qualify.

For information on this program please contact the tax department at 905-985-7346 ext. 102 or 106