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About 1.5 million Ontarians have a disability and may face barriers to accessibility.  They may find it hard to access local services, enter public buildings or use public transit.  While all levels of government are working to change this, municipal governments have a special role to play. 

The Township of Scugog is committed to taking the necessary steps to increase its accessibility for persons with disabilities.   Along with the Scugog Accessibility Advisory Committee, the Township has made some exciting advancements in accessibility and will continue to identify, remove and prevent barriers for persons with disabilities.  The Township of Scugog is committed to being fully accessible to persons with disabilities, in accordance with the AODA, by 2025, to ensure all citizens can enjoy the full benefits our community has to offer. 

Our Vision

Scugog Township will commit to be a welcoming and inclusive community by embracing accessibility and opportunity for all.

Our Mission

The Scugog Accessibility Advisory Committee will work in partnership with the community to identify and eliminate barriers for people with disabilities.

Scugog Accessibility Advisory Committee (SAAC) 

The SAAC consists of residents from the Township of Scugog to act in offering guidance and advice to Council and Township Staff regarding accessibility issues.  We are fortunate to have such dedicated individuals come forward to volunteer their time and efforts to ensure accessibility for all.


Accessibility For Ontarians with Disabilities Act 2005 (AODA):  To achieve a fully accessible Ontario by 2025

Accessibility Standards for Customer Service  

Please view the Customer Service Policy
Please view the Customer Service Accessibility Report

What do I need to do to comply with Customer Service Standard?

  • Have policies and procedures in place
  • Provide training for all staff
  • Offer alternate formats
  • Have a feedback mechanism
  • Provide notice of service disruption
  • Allow for service animals and support persons

Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR)

To view Scugog's IASR Policy go to Scugog IASR Policy

 The 4 standards are:

  • Information and Communication Standard
  • Employment Standard
  • Transportation Standard
  • Design of Public Spaces

What do I need to do to comply with IASR?

Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation:

  1. Create Policies and Procedures
  2. Create a Multi-Year Accessibility Plan
  3. Acquire Goods and Services ensuring accessibility criteria
  4. Provide Staff Training

Information and Communication Standard:

  • Current Emergency Preparedness Plan (2012)
  • Provide Accessible Formats and Communication Supports
  • Works Towards all new content on website accessible
  • Ensure content from 2012 onward is accessible

Employment Standard:

  • Workplace Emergency Response is Accessible (2012)
  • Provide Accessible Formats & Communications Supports
  • Advertise and Promote Accomodation
  • Document Individual Accessibility Plans
  • Return to Work Process
  • Performance Management
  • Career Develoment and Advancement
  • Redeployment Process

Transportation Standard:

  • This standard is very detailed and specific and relates to all conventional and specialized transportation service providers - refer to Scugog IASR Policy

Design of Public Spaces

  • Applies only to new construction and planned redevelopment
  • Recreational trails/beach access routes
  • Outdoor public use eating areas
  • Outdoor play spaces
  • Exterior paths of travel
  • Accessible parking
  • Service related elements (counters, waiting areas)
  • Maintenance and restoration of public spaces

Tip the Hat Award

The Scugog Accessibility Advisory Committee (SAAC) seeks to promote and reward citizens and organizations for their commitment to improving the accessibility of public services within our community.

The Tip of the Hat Award recognizes the efforts made to improve accessibility and reduce barriers for people with disabilities.   Through this monthly award, the SAAC hopes to raise awareness of the importance of providing an accessible environment. 
For more information on Tip of the Hat please click on the link below

Tip of the Hat Presentation to Medical Associates of Port Perry

Tip the Hat Recipients  here


Did You Know?

The Scugog Fire Department maintains a data base of residents with disabilities to provide assistance during an emergency situation. This information is confidential. 

To ensure your safety in an emergency situation, it is vital that firefighters understand your individual needs.  Should you wish to register, please call the Fire Hall at (905)985-2384