Acquisition, Sale or Other Disposition of Land

 The Application Process

 What you need to know before you start...

Applications to purchase land are processed under the authority of the Municipal Act and respective municipal by-laws and policies 

Application form, detailed sketch or site plan, and non-refundable fee of $100 are required to commence the procedure 

Applicants should be aware that it could take six months to a year to complete the sale

The applicant is responsible for paying all administrative, legal, surveying, advertising and land acquisition costs involved

Applicants are responsible for engaging the services of an Ontario Land Surveyor to prepare a new reference plan


  The Application Process in Brief

  Step 1: Declaration of Surplus Land

  • Application and fee submitted;
  • Township file prepared;
  • Request circulated to all Township Departments and other such agencies or governments as may be required by law, for comment and/or objection;
  • Prior to selling any land, Council shall declare the land to be surplus to the needs of the Township;
  • Public notice then provided in accordance with the Township’s Provision of Notice policy.

   Step 2: Obtaining an Appraisal

  • Applicant(s) to provide a new Reference Plan to demonstrate appropriate property lines from an Ontario Land Surveyor;
  • The municipality will obtain quotes for an appraisal of the fair market value based on the reference plan from a person or company certified by the Appraisal       Institute of Canada;
  • Applicant(s) required to pay the appraisal cost to the Township upfront;
  • Applicant(s) to be provided with a copy of the appraisal.

  Step 3: Agreement of Purchase and Sale

  • If applicant decides to go ahead with the purchase, Staff will report to Council for approval of the sale price;
  • Upon approval by Council, public notice of intent to sell will be advertised in the local newspapers and Township website for two consecutive weeks;
  • Staff will report to Council any objections received and request final approval and passing of By-Law to authorize the Mayor and Clerk to execute the transfer documents;
  • Once Council has approved the disposition, including the key terms and conditions of the disposition, an Agreement of Purchase and Sale shall be prepared by staff
  • Township solicitor to prepare all required legal documentation to effect the conveyance and to register the By-law.


    Application Form Available Here Sale of Land Policy Available Here


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