The Ontario Building Code Act includes a Code of Conduct. According to the Code of Conduct, the Chief Building Official (CBO) and the Building Inspectors shall:

  • Use their authority appropriately, according to the Building Code Act, the Ontario Building Code and other applicable law that governs the authorization, construction, occupancy and safety of buildings and structures, and the actions, duties and qualifications of the CBO and Building Inspectors
  • Work to identify and enforce compliance where significant violations of the Act or regulations are known to occur
  • Apply all relevant building laws, regulations and standards in a consistent and fair manner, independent of any influence by interested parties
  • Not accept any personal benefit, which may create a conflict with their duties
  • Not perform duties where a personal interest may create a conflict
  • Consult with experts when the CBO or Building Inspector does not have enough knowledge to make an informed judgment
  • Act honestly, reasonably and professionally when performing their duties

Why do we need a Code of Conduct?

Under the Ontario Building Code Act and the Ontario Building, the Code of Conduct's purpose is:

  • To promote appropriate standards of behaviour and enforcement actions by the CBO and Building Inspectors as they perform their duties
  • To prevent any abuse of power, including unethical or illegal practices, by the CBO and Building Inspectors
  • To promote appropriate standards of honesty and integrity

What happens if the Code is not followed?

The CBO, Deputy CBO and Building Inspectors must follow the Code of Conduct. If they fail to do so, they may be subject to disciplinary action appropriate to the seriousness of the violation. All allegations concerning a violation of the Code must be in writing.

If you believe there's been a violation of the Code of Conduct, bring the matter to the attention of the CBO. If the concern is about the CBO's actions, bring the matter to the attention of the senior staff member the CBO reports to.

Any CBO or senior staff member who receives information, in writing, about a significant violation of the Code will investigate the matter. Where appropriate, they take disciplinary action in accordance with the employment standards of the place of work.

Communications about violations are held in confidence. The CBO or Senior Staff member advise Council in writing about the particulars of the alleged violation, its investigation and the final outcome once the matter is resolved.