Economic development for the Township of Scugog is coordinated through the Development Services Department.

Business Retention and Expansion Project

In partnership with the Region of Durham, the Township of Scugog will be conducting a Business Retention and Expansion (BR&E) project in 2023 and 2024. A BR&E is:

  • A structured action-orientated and community based approach to business and economic development;
  • A project that consists of trained staff and volunteers who visit businesses and conduct confidential interviews with senior level management, owners or managers;
  • Data analysis and action planning is then undertaken to address issues and opportunities facing businesses.

Why undertake a BR&E?

  • 76-90% of new jobs are created by already existing businesses;
  • Investment attraction is expensive and time consuming;
  • Supports relationship building and greater dialogue between the business community and municipal leaders;
  • Assists communities to be proactive rather than reactive;
  • Supports strategic and long-term planning to become more competitive;
  • Build capacity for local economic development and community involvement.

We will be looking for volunteers to conduct business interviews.  More information on volunteering to come.