The Township of Scugog has a public service program called Adopt-A-Road, contracting volunteer groups to collect garbage and debris from a designated road right-of-way on a regular basis. Volunteer with your family, neighbour, friends, a community group or business to help protect and improve our roads system.

You must sign a Volunteer Group Pledge Form to adopt a road.

Why should I adopt a road?

The Adopt-a-Road program is a great way for individuals concerned about the environment and community groups to show they care about and take pride in our community by donating their time to help keep our roads system clean and safe.

To recognize your group, the Township acknowledges your commitment and dedication with an official Adopt-a-Road Sign, after the second successful cleanup of your adopted road.

Learn more from our Adopt-a-Road Brochure.


Our Adopt-a-Road Safety Guidelines help keep our volunteers safe.

Current volunteers

Current Adopt-a-Road volunteers:

Volunteer Group

Adopted Road

Road Limits

Oakridge Golf Club

Middle March Road

Ashburn Road to Woodbridge Circle

Epsom Public School

Marsh Hill Road

Regional Road 8 to 16370 Marsh Hill Road

Scugog Christian School

King Street

Simcoe Street to Old Simcoe Road

Port Perry Snowmobile Club

Scugog Line 3

Various sections

TREEriffic Tree Service

Old Simcoe Road

Scugog Line 8 to Scugog Line 10

S.A. Cawker Public School

Easement to Carolyn Best Diamonds

Regional Road 8 to the south limit

#41 RC (Army) CC Ontario Regiment Cadets

Highway 7A Causeway

Water Street to Island Road