The Heritage Scugog Awards recognizes the hard work done by individuals and groups to preserve and promote our community's heritage.

Award categories

There are six different awards to be presented to individuals and groups who help preserve, protect and promote Scugog's heritage.

Architectural Conservation and Craftsmanship Award

This award recognizes excellence in the preservation or adaptive reuse of a building 40 years or older.

Media Award

This award goes to non-fiction work about Scugog's archeological, built, cultural and/or natural heritage. Projects such as films, websites, maps and exhibits are eligible.

Publication and Research Award

This award goes to non-fiction work about Scugog's archeological, built, cultural and/or natural heritage.

Agricultural Heritage Award

This award recognizes an individual or group that has worked to preserve and promote Scugog's agricultural heritage.

Heritage Integration Award

This award recognizes a sensitive addition to a heritage building or modern infill building that is complementary to the heritage character of a specific area.

Mayor's Community Heritage Award

Awarded to a volunteer-based organization that promotes or protects heritage in the Township of Scugog.

Lifetime Achievement Award

 Awarded to those who have made a career-long, cululative impact and contribution to the practice and understanding of heritage within our Community.


Check back soon for information about the next Heritage Scugog Awards event and how to nominate a group or individual.

2019 Award Winners

Architectural Conservation and Craftsmanship Award

Brocks Department Store -  Parapet Restoration at 160 Queen Street
Chris Flemming - Restoration work done within the Heritage Conservation Distric
Hanks Pastries - Parapet Restoration at 204 Queen Street
Michael Konopaski - front porch restoration at 250 Queen Street

Media Award

Peter Hvidsten - Rewind Scugog book series 
Greenbank Hall - 150th Anniversary Celebration

Publication and Research Award

Janice Sandy - research of the History of Burton Township 

Agricultural Heritage Award - Nothing for 2019

Heritage Integration Award

Edie and Dale Forsyth - heritage renovation at 99 Crandell

Mayor's Community Heritage Award

Dave Robinson - 100th Armistice Anniversary Event

Lifetime Acheivement Award 

Paul Arculus 


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