The Scugog Heritage Advisory Committee aids in the protection and preservation of Scugog's heritage buildings and sites. Using the guidelines of the Ontario Heritage Act and the Township of Scugog Official Plan, the Committee:

  • Acts as a resource to residents interested in conserving structures of historic, architectural or cultural interest
  • Acts as a resource to Staff by reviewing development applications, providing feedback for compliance with the Urban Design Guidelines outlined in the Township's Official Plan
  • Establishes criteria for evaluating properties of architectural, historic or cultural value and interest
  • Assists in development of a comprehensive and efficient museum and archival services to reflect the community's unique needs
  • Promotes and encourages activities and programs related to the museum and archives

Heritage Strategic Plan

The Scugog Heritage Advisory Committee also supports the Township Heritage Strategic Plan, "Where Our Past Meets the Future."

Current members

Selected by Council, the Committee includes 6 volunteers, one Council Representative and a Staff Liaison. Current members include:

  • Guy Latreille
  • Peter Hvidsten
  • Marina Brock 
  • Jasmine Stein
  • Jonathan van Bilsen
  • Stephen Rowe
  • Kevin Heritage, Director of Development Services

Council Member and Alternate on this committee include:

  • Lance Brown, Councillor Ward 5
  • Angus Ross, Councillor Ward 3 (Alternate)

Those with an interest or knowledge of planning, architecture, local history, heritage buildings might consider submitting an Application for Appointment, to the Committee.

Heritage Permits

The Heritage Committee reviews Heritage Permit applications that involve making exterior changes to buildings within the Township of Scugog's Heritage Conservation District (HCD). This includes changes to existing signs or new signs.

The Committee also provides advice to property owners about their plans for external changes to properties listed on our Heritage Register.

You are encouraged to arrange a pre-consultation meeting with the Building department to confirm that your plans require a Heritage permit and to also determine if you require any additional permits, such as a Building Permit.