The Township of Scugog Heritage Register  is the official list or record of cultural heritage properties that have been identified as being important to the community. The Heritage Register is a way for our community to recognize and protect places of cultural heritage value. Our cultural heritage is what we value from our past and what we want to preserve for our future. The efforts made today will ensure a lasting legacy for future generations.

What are the benefits?

The register recognizes properties of cultural heritage value in the community and promotes knowledge and enhances an understanding of the community's cultural heritage. The register provides interim protection for listed properties. Owners must give Council at least 60 days notice of their intention to demolish or remove a building or structure on the property. This provides the opportunity to consider whether the property should then be designated, or permits time for documentation and/or salvage of historic materials.

Add or remove a property

Properties may only be added or removed from the Scugog Heritage Register with the permission of the Township of Scugog Council. Applications to add or remove properties will be accepted by the Township's Heritage Committee and considered on a case by case basis for recommendation to Council. Proponents will be asked to support their request based on the criteria for determining cultural heritage value or interest.

Non-designated properties

In 2005, the Ontario Heritage Act was amended to allow properties that have not been designated, but that the Municipal Council believes to be of cultural heritage value or interest, to be placed on the register.

If your property is on the register and is deemed to meet specific criteria, it might be suggested for designation, but not necessarily.