Storm sewers collect rain and run-off from melting snow on your property to prevent flooding and redirect this wastewater to nearby stormwater management ponds, creeks or lakes.

Storm sewers

Property owners are responsible for covering the cost of connecting their property water line to the storm sewer. Usually, the Region of Durham installs the storm sewer connection to the property line when they install the water and sanitary sewer connections to the property line.

If you only need a storm sewer connection, you must hire a qualified contractor to install it. You may also need to hire a consulting engineer to design the connection and prepare a drawing for the contractor. In this case, the Township of Scugog must approve the drawing before the work can begin.

The contractor will need to apply for and provide proof of a Road Occupancy Permit and provide a road damage deposit. We will refund the deposit once all the work in the roadway has been completed and inspected by the Public Works department.