To keep our residents safe, the Township of Scugog is responsible for plowing snow and laying down sand or salt for icy conditions on Township roads during the winter months. Winter maintenance services include:

  • Plowing roads after 8 cm of snow accumulation
  • Plowing sidewalks after 8 cm of snow accumulation
  • Plowing Township parking lots after 8 cm of snow accumulation

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Do residents have to clear snow?

Property owners are responsible for:

  • Clearing snow on driveways
  • Removing snow windrows left by plows on roads and sidewalks
  • Clearing ice and snow from the sidewalk in front of and beside your property

Where can I park?

Avoid parking on the streets during a snowstorm and in the days after a snowstorm. Parked cars make snow plowing difficult. Any vehicles interfering with winter maintenance can receive an immediate ticket.

Transit shelters and super mailboxes

The Region of Durham is responsible for clearing snow at bus shelters and bus stops. Please contact the Durham Region Transit at 905-579-2471 for more information about transit.

Canada Post is responsible for clearing snow away from super mailbox areas.
Please contact Canada Post at 905-985-2823 (Port Perry)
or 1-705-357-3195 (Sunderland).