Crossing Guards

Crossing guards play an important role in our community, helping children safely cross busy streets.

You can help Crossing Guards get our children home safely!

As a motorist please:

  • SLOW DOWN when approaching a crossing zone
  • COME TO A COMPLETE STOP once a Crossing Guard raises their stop sign
  • CONTINUE only after all children and the Crossing Guard are safely off the road
  • OBSERVE all no stopping and no parking signs - park only in designated areas

Three Whistle System

Crossing Guards in the Township of Scugog use the Three Whistle System.

  1. First Whistle (1 long whistle): The Crossing Guard blows the first whistle, enters the roadway, holds up the stop sign, and ensures that traffic has stopped.  Children should stay on the sidewalk until the guard blows the second whistle.
  2. Second Whistle (2 short whistles): The Crossing Guard blows the second whistle when it is safe for the children to cross.
  3. Third Whistle (1 long whistle): Once the children have safely crossed the roadway, the guard leaves the roadway and blows the third whistle to signify the crossing has ended.

School Crossing Location Map