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Sports Hall of Fame Inductee Categories

Categories: Athlete, Builder, Team, Volunteer, Youth Excellence and Achievement   

Nominations can be made by completing the team form or individual form and sending the form to our Sports Hall of Fame Committee (care of Township of Scugog) at:

181 Perry Street, P.O. Box 780
Port Perry, ON L9L 1A7

or by email to recreation@scugog.ca 

Nomination forms are also available at the Scugog Community Recreation Centre.


Do you know someone who:

i) played a significant role in building a sport in Scugog?

ii) an individual who has given of themselves to promote sports in Scugog?

iii) an accomplished athlete or team whose achievements should be recognized?

iv) a pioneer who worked behind the scenes in the first 5 years of establishing a sport in Scugog?

v) a volunteer who deserves recognition for their contributions to your organization and sport in Scugog?

vi) a youth athlete who has competed at the provincial, national or international level this year?


For purpose of the Scugog Sports Hall of Fame, a Scugog Athlete or Builder shall be:

  1. Anyone born in Scugog and who spent his or her formative years in Scugog.
  2. Anyone who was not born in Scugog, but who has resided in Scugog a minimum of five (5) years and proves his or her worth in the Scugog forum of athletics. Said ATHLETE or BUILDER may be considered even if he or she eventually moves away from Scugog.
  3. Anyone who was not born in Scugog, but who is or has resided in the Region of Durham and who has participated in the Scugog athletic forum and has distinguished themselves either at the local, amateur or professional level.
  4. Anyone in (a) or (b) or (c), after a local amateur career, moves into professional sports or university/college sports or amateur sports elsewhere and who is deemed worthy of inclusion by the Committee.


To be considered for admission to Scugog’s Sports Hall of Fame must have been (or be) outstanding in their field of endeavour and/or to have achieved better than average proficiency in a number of sports events if not reaching the absolute top level in any one.  The label “outstanding” must be applicable over an extended period of time in competition against peer athletes.  This involves those competing on a strictly local level and those going on to district, provincial and national events as well as those who enter professional sports.  However, distinction should be made in the nomination papers as to the reason for the nomination.  An athlete, who is prominent locally, over a period of time, should not be dismissed if he or she achieves top proficiency in a wider area, whether this is an amateur or a professional.

Athletes nominated to the Scugog Sports Hall of Fame must have been retired from active participation in the sport(s) for which he or she has been nominated, for a period of not less than three (3) years, dating from end of season of the sport(s) for which he or she has been nominated.  The above restrictions do not apply in the case of any automatic selections as determined elsewhere in this Constitution.

Including Officials (referees, umpires etc), Sponsors, Executives, Trainers, Coaches and Media personnel whose work for sport over an extended period of time has been outstanding whether it be in organization of leagues or facilities; achieving a high degree of success in coaching teams or individuals; keeping a league or team active; providing services of a consistently high level over an extended period of time or inspiring future generations to aspire and succeed in the world of sport/athletics.
Team Nominations 
Shall be considered on the merits of each team as a whole and not solely on the individual players.  A team to be recognized must have won a championship at the district, provincial, national or international level.  This team would be recognized for attaining the highest level of accomplishment possible in that particular era.
Youth Excellence and Achievement
Awarded to Scugog youth and teams aged 18 or below that have competed at provincial, national or international levels for their sport in the current year.
Volunteer Recognition Award
Recognition of those members of our community who have volunteered their time to improve the world of sports and have excelled in completing this task.
Automatic Selection 
Shall be any Scugog athlete who has won an Olympic medal or who finished first, second or third in any International Championship or who has won a Canadian Championship in a non-team discipline considered authentic by the Committee.
Deceased Nominations 
Shall in each case to be reviewed as to whether the three (3) year delay regulation shall be invoked by the Committee and shall be evaluated on the merits of the person involved.
Historical Sporting Venue
A sports venue used by teams and/or individual athletes.

Sports Hall of Fame Nomination


Submission Process

Submissions for Athletes, Builders, and Teams require the submission of a nomination form. These forms can be filled out and mailed to the Scugog Community Recreation Centre, 1655 Reach Street, Port Perry, or emailed to recreation@scugog.ca:

Athletes & Builders Form

Teams Form

For Volunteer Recognition and Youth Excellence nominations, submit a one page outline of the actions and deeds of the individual that should be acknowledged. As with the above nomination forms, these can be mailed/brought to the Scugog Community Recreation Centre or emailed to recreation@scugog.ca.

To be eligible for selection in 2023, nominations must be received by September 1, 2022.

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