Effective Friday, April 3, 2020, Mayor Bobbie Drew declared a State of Municipal Emergency to elevate Scugog’s readiness to respond to COVID-19. Since March 17, Scugog Mayor, CAO and Senior Staff have been operating under an amended Delegation of Powers and Duties By-law that provides legislative powers to the Mayor and administrative powers to the CAO to plan, evaluate and execute emergency response measures. 

“The delegation of authority to myself as Mayor and the CAO was a first step in preparing and planning for a coordinated response in Scugog for COVID-19,” said Mayor Drew. “The decision to declare an emergency now further aligns us with Regional and Provincial Emergency Management guidance and recent provincial orders and unites us in our efforts to flatten the curve and protect residents.” 

The declaration of a municipal emergency provides ultimate emergency decision powers above what the delegation of authority provided. The Township will operate under the legal authority established in the Scugog Emergency Plan. CAO Paul Allore will lead the Township Emergency Operations team and Chief Mark Berney, from the Fire and Emergency Services Department, is the Community Emergency Management Coordinator.

“The health and safety of our Scugog residents remains our top priority,” said Mayor Drew. “At least 20 per cent of the township’s population are of the vulnerable sector. The declaration provides increased decision making powers to safeguard and respond to the needs of all residents.”

A declaration of emergency allows the CAO to make decisions, approve purchases, and direct necessary operational changes to protect residents. As well, the corporation will work closely with public health authorities and health care professionals to provide a unified response to this emergency.

 The Township of Scugog reminds all residents to join in the efforts to protect our health and safety. All levels of government are reinforcing the importance of self-isolation, staying at home, limiting visits into the community to trips of absolute necessity, and to adhere to physical distancing by maintaining a 2 metre (6 foot) space between yourself and the next person. In compliance with provincial orders, Scugog has closed all parks and recreational amenities. Residents must adhere to the closure orders to assist in keeping the community safe.

Mayor Bobbie Drew commends all the hard work of frontline health care and emergency workers. “They are working very hard to keep us safe and healthy. It warms my heart to see the outpouring of support in our community. The Scugog community knows what it means to pull together. Pulling together at this time is more important than ever before. If we all do our part we will beat down this terrible virus.”


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