The Township of Scugog is seeking public input, ideas and priorities to help shape the township’s corporate strategic plan. The Speak Up Scugog campaign will engage current and new residents, businesses, community organizations and groups with an opportunity to rank services currently provided, evaluate, and identify priority areas and provide input on a myriad of topics from environmental, spending, economic development and growth.

A municipal corporate strategic plan acts as a guide for Council and Staff with identified priorities, objectives, and goals. This will provide a focus for initiatives carried out during each term of Council, however, items will be achieved over longer periods of time or, like advocacy work, will continue in an ongoing capacity.

In June 2022, a staff report highlighted that although delays and deferrals related to COVID-19 continue, solid progress has been made in many areas of the Strategic Plan. In total, 93 per cent of the major projects and initiatives have been completed, are ongoing or are underway. With Council’s strong commitment to addressing the roads and infrastructure needs, the Township is positioned to address over 80 percent of the identified major projects by 2022 in this area.

“The success and advancement of the strategic plan is a direct result of the commitment and endorsement from Council as well as hard work and dedication of all Township staff,” said Mayor Bobbie Drew. “The strategic plan document is an important guide for Council and staff which is developed through consultation with the public, staff, and Council. Council is very pleased with the progress made in light of the additional challenges related to the pandemic. I urge all residents to engage in the public consultation opportunities and give input to help shape the objectives and priority areas for the next term of council.”

Speak up Scugog! Take our public feedback survey to evaluate and rank current service delivery, customer service, roads and sidewalks, fire services, parks and programs as well as share ideas for community improvement.

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