The Township of Scugog has several accessible buildings in the community and along with the Scugog Accessibility Advisory Committee (SAAC), the Township is committed to be being fully accessible to persons with disabilities, in accordance with the AODA, by 2025, to ensure all citizens can enjoy the full benefits our community has to offer.

Our accessible buildings include:

Accessible washrooms

Accessible washrooms are available within a number of community buildings in the Township of Scugog, including:

Accessible parking

Accessible parking is available to those with an Accessible Parking Permit issued by the Province of Ontario. Individuals parked in an accessible parking space without a permit could face a minimum fine of $300, in accordance with the Highway Traffic Act.

Accessible parking spaces can be found at the following Municipal parking lots:

  • Municipal Office, Parking Lot 6 (181 Perry Street)
  • Scugog Community Recreation Centre (1655 Reach Street)
  • Blackstock Recreation Complex (3440 Church Street)
  • Scugog Memorial Public Library and Birdseye Pool, Parking Lot 7 (231 Water Street)
  • Shanly Street, Parking Lot 1
  • Joe Fowler Park, Parking Lot 2
  • Palmer Park, Parking Lot 3
  • Mary Street, Parking Lot 4
  • Water Street, Parking Lot 5
  • Boat Launch, Parking Lot 8 (Old Rail Lane)