The Township of Scugog By-law Enforcement Office enforces by-laws and their regulations to ensure the health, safety and enjoyment of our community. Bylaw-Enforcement is situated within our Development Services department, within the Building division. View a list of our commonly requested by-laws.

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Should you require to speak with a member of By-law staff in person, appointments are encouraged. To make an appointment with By-law staff for virtual or select services, please email  

Issuing licences and permits

The By-law Enforcement Office reviews applications and issues licences or permits required by Township by-laws, such as business licences.

Learn more about our applications, licences and permits.

Enforcing by-laws

We expect our community to voluntarily comply with the rules and regulations of our by-laws. The By-Law Enforcement Office offers public education and mediation to help. If you choose not to comply with Township by-laws, you may face fines or legal charges filed with the Ontario Court of Justice.


The By-law Law Enforcement Office operates on a complaint basis. Once a complaint is received, it is investigated and appropriate actions are taken. Report a by-law complaint.

As of January 3, for new concerns/complaints, The Township of Scugog is pleased to offer residents Cloudpermit - an online system to submit concerns/complaints. Please do not start a new concern if you have one in progress as they are following the current priority process. Please be patient while we make these improvements to serve you better.

Step 1: Start creating a complaint/concern by selecting the ‘Create complaint/concern’ button.

Step 2: Search for a property.

Step 3: ‘Create complaint/concern

Step 4: Submit for review.  Once completed, the system will advise you that your complaint has been submitted.

To submit a Bylaw or Building concern/complaint through Cloudpermit, online:

  1. Create complaint/concern
  2. Read the Instructional Screen shots – ‘How to submit a Bylaw or Building concern/complaint’ through Cloudpermit