The Township of Scugog has several departments that manage different Township matters from building to recreation, and our Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) ensures that Council policies are coordinated between Township departments and other relevant agencies. The Office of the CAO also manages the Township of Scugog Strategic Plan. 

Departmental Structure

Our CAO, Ken Nix, is appointed by Council and is responsible for the leadership and general management of the Township. The Senior Management team reports to the CAO and is comprised of six (6) departments which include: Community Services (Lori Bowers, Director of Community Services), Corporate Services (Becky Jamieson, Director of Corporate Services / Clerk), Development Services (Kevin Heritage, Director of Development Services), Finance Department (Laura Barta,  Director of Finance / Treasurer), Fire and Emergency Services (Mark Berney, Director of Fire & Emergency Services / Fire Chief), and Public Works & Infrastructure Department (Carol Coleman, Director of Public Works & Infrastructure).

Details of the areas of responsibilities are outlined below. A copy of the Organization Chart is available upon request. Please email 

Community Services Area of Responsibility: 

Operations Parks; Recreation, Corporate Communications, Culture and Special Events; Facility Management & Maintenance

Corporate Services Area of Responsibility: 

Clerk's Services; Customer Service;  IT and Property Acquisition & Disposal

Development Services Area of Responsibility:

Planning - Policy, Development Approvals, Transportation; Building Permit & Inspection; By-law and Animal Services & Licensing; and Economic Development & Tourism 

Finance Department Area of Responsibility:

Operating & Capital Budget Coordination; Taxes / Receivables; Payroll; Accounts Payable; Purchasing; and Insurance Claims and Risk Management

Fire and Emergency Services Area of Responsibility:

Fire Suppression; Fire Prevention; Education & Training; Fire Administration; and Emergency Planning

Public Works and Infrastructure Services Area of Responsibility: 

Operations - Roads; Asset Management; Infrastructure Maintenance; Engineering and Capital Projects; and Crossing Guards