For the last ten years, growth in the community of Port Perry has been limited due to lack of sewage treatment capacity. The Region of Durham is scheduled to complete an upgrade to the sewage treatment system for Port Perry in late 2016 or early 2017.

This upgrade will provide enough capacity to service about 1,700 new residents, which aligns with the Official Plan's growth targets for Port Perry.   The number of new housing units will depend on the variety of housing that is developed.  The purpose of the Secondary Plan is to ensure that the resulting development is attractive and sustainable.

The Port Perry Secondary Plan is an amendment to the Township of Scugog's Official Plan. The amendment updates the current policies in the Official Plan related to:

  • Allocation of sewage capacity
  • Phasing of development
  • Urban design guidelines
  • Housing range and mix
  • Infill and intensification
  • Sustainable design