Directly and indirectly, all stormwater runoff from the Township of Scugog eventually ends up in Lake Scugog. The Port Perry Stormwater Management Plan started in June 2009 as a follow up to the Port Perry Urban Drainage Study. The Stormwater Management Plan:

  • Identifies existing stormwater infrastructure through field investigation and review of municipal engineering drawings
  • Applies water quality monitoring
  • Provides calculations and models to develop recommendations
  • Determines runoff volumes and contaminant loadings from high priority drainage areas within the town of Port Perry
  • Recommends specific measures to improve the stormwater quality and decrease contaminant loading into Lake Scugog, in accordance with the Lake Scugog Environmental Management Plan recommendations and targets
  • Calculates storm sewer flow, with specific capital investments recommended for high priority areas identified within the Port Perry Urban Drainage Study

Final report

View the Port Perry Stormwater Management Plan Final Report 2013:

Port Perry Urban Drainage Study

In spring 2008, the Township of Scugog and the Region of Durham funded Kawartha Conservation to complete the Port Perry Urban Drainage Study in order to:

  • Determine drainage areas in the area
  • Investigate the level of stormwater control in each sewershed
  • Determine high priority areas for retrofit opportunities
  • Take inventory of existing stormwater management facilities, culverts, and catch basins as part of defining and mapping the storm sewer network