Township of Scugog Future Development will bring a mixture of town homes, single detached dwellings, condominiums and commercial space to the town. The 2019 and beyond Development Projects presentation was presented to council to provide a status update and overview of each planned project.

To follow is a list of developments by location and type:

  •  S-S-2011-02 Oxford, 17 single detached dwellings

View Future Development Map for Epsom

 Nestleton Station
  • 18T-90042 Williamson, 36 single detached dwellings

View Future Development Map for Nestleton Station

 North & Central Port Perry
  • S-S-2004-01 Lalu Peninsula Inc. (formerly CDM), 20 single detached dwellings
  • S-S-2015-02 Canterbury Common, 99 single detached dwellings and a multi-residential block
  • S-S-2014-01 Cawker's Creek, 101 single detached dwellings and 36 linked dwellings
  • S-S-2015-01 Oxnard Port Perry Inc., 40 townhouses
  • S-S-2018-01 Oxnard Port Perry Inc. (north side of Balsam Street), 13 liked dwellings and 1 single detached dwelling

View Future Development Map for North and Central Port Perry

 Scugog Island
  • S-S-2013-01 Henley/Storie (Humewood), 13 single detached dwellings
  • S-S-2012-01 17300 Island Road Subdivision, 16 single detached dwellings
  • 18T-90009 - 23 estate subdivision, 15 single detached dwellings

View Future Development Map for Scugog Island

 South Port Perry
  • S-S-2014-03 Ribcor Holdings Incorporated, 129 single and semi-detached dwellings 
  • S-S-2016-01 Jeffery Homes, 37 townhouses
  • S-S-2018-02 Chieftan Development Corp., 28 single detached dwellings
  • S-S-2018-03 Delpark Homes, 212 single detached and semi dwellings, 48 townhouses and 47 multi-residential units
  • SP/04/2015 Kings Landing (formerly known as Stockworth), mixed-use development, 248 apartment units and 9,104m. sq. commercial/office
  • S-S-2014-02 Tatra Valley Homes (formerly known as Holland Homes), 25 single detached dwellings
  • S-S-2017-01 Embee Residential, 11 single detached dwellings on partial service

View Future Development Map for South Port Perry


  • S-S-2021-01 O'Connor Bros. Corp, 9 single detached dwellings

View Future Development Map for Manchester

The future development map provides an aerial overview of the development areas in the Township.

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Development related questions and resources can be found on the Building and Planning page.