Second Island Access

Class Environmental Assessment Update and Detailed Design

The Township of Scugog is initiating an update to the Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Study and a detailed design for a proposed second access road to Scugog Island.  The original EA was completed in June 2007 and the scope of work for the current project will include:

  • Reviewing new and proposed development on Scugog Island since 2007
  • Identifying and forecasting traffic volumes and flows
  • Verifying/ revising the preferred solution and design for a second access to Scugog Island
  • Preparing a detailed design for the new road sections
  • Reviewing current road sections that will become part of the second access and identifying any recommended improvements

Public Participation

Input from the public and affected agencies is an important part of the EA process.  Two Public Open Houses are planned to be held for this project.

Documents Pertaining to this project are all available upon request:

Proposed Second Access Road to Scugog Island, Class Environmental Assessment Study, Environmental Study Report, June 2007

Appendix A: Agency Consultation

Appendix B: Public Consultation

Appendix C: Specialist Reports

For Additional Information Contact:

Carol Coleman, P.Eng.

Director of Public Works, Parks and Recreation

Township of Scugog, 181 Perry Street, P.O. Box 780

Port Perry, ON L9l 1A7

Tel: 905-985-7346 Ext. 149