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$70,000 in sidewalk repairs underway in the Township of Scugog

Repairs are underway to improve sidewalks in the community. The condition of sidewalks in Scugog continues to be assessed throughout the year and priority repairs have been identified. Sidewalk assessments are an annual requirement with inspections happening regularly. Ongoing maintenance is conducted throughout the year including trip hazard removal and repair of sunken sidewalks. More significant repairs are prioritized in order of need.

The locations below are the priority sidewalks scheduled for repair this year. Please note, that the addresses below indicate where the work will take place and typically follows the property line.

The following sidewalks are scheduled for repair:

1 Applewood Cr 3505 Church St 342 Lorne St 294 Queen St
451 Bigelow St 196 Cochrane St 264 Mary St 25 Ridgeview Dr
101 Caleb St 296 Cochrane St 461 McDonald St 26 Ridgeview Dr
56 Chester Cr 107 Crandell St 281 North St 217 Shanly St
59 Chester Cr 63 Heath Cr 2 Orchard Rd 14500 Simcoe St
70 Chester Cr 64 Heath Cr 27 Orchard Rd 89 Union Ave
94 Chester Cr 1874 HWY 7A 76 Orchard Rd 116 Union Ave
35 Chimney Hill Way 19 Jeffery St 53 Perry St 127 Waterbury Cr

Repair work will begin in May, weather permitting. For questions regarding sidewalk repair works, please email

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